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Those who have made a difference

Formation Committee

  • Audrey Madrigal
  • Mark Bower
  • Bob Katz
  • Steve Leffert
  • Linda Pruett
  • Nola Grant
  • Bill McRae
  • Pete Mariscalco
  • Ross Goodman
  • Ilse Lang
  • Bob Fink
  • Janie Fink
  • Joyce MacKinnon
  • Andrea Taylor

Former Board Members

  • William “Bill” Haller (President)
  • Yves Chery (Treasurer)
  • Joseph “Jonezy” Melroy (Secretary)
  • John Fairlie
  • Alexandra “Alex” Les
  • Clay Gallardo
  • Mark Bower
  • Bob Katz
  • Rosemary Campbell
  • Scott Taylor
  • Bahman “Moe” Mojallal
  • Gabe Pollock

In Memory Of Nola Grant

    Nola lived her life with the warmest and greatest spirit possible. She perpetually sought knowledge and adventure to enrich her life, all the while nurturing and fulfilling the soul of everyone she met.
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